Adult classes

We cater to adult swimmers of all abilities.

Whether you are a non-swimmer that wants to learn to swim or an experienced swimmer looking to improve your technique for a triathlon or just looking to keep fit we have something for everyone.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered on a demand basis to swimmers of beginner, intermediate or advanced level. They are ideal for swimmers that enjoy learning in a group setting rather than an as individual. They will focus on improving technique, aquatic skills and overall confidence in the water providing you with the necessary skills to enjoy swimming and pursue it your own time.


Adult SwimFit caters for confident swimmers that are able to swim frontcrawl, backstroke and basic breaststroke and are looking to improve their swim fitness. This class will focus on improving technique, advanced skills such as bilateral breathing, tumble turns, and building stamina and endurance.


Individual Lessons

These lessons are for adults that feel they would benefit from a 1:1 teaching programme tailor-made to their needs. They are ideal for nervous non-swimmers or swimmers looking to improve a specific aspect of their swimming.


If you require further assistance or are unsure what class is most suitable for you please contact us using our customer contact form.


Class Times

Wednesday - Energize - 5.00-5.30pm (30mins) - Adult Beginner Class

Wednesday - Energize - 5.45-6.30pm (45mins) - Adult Improver Class

Saturday - Currie High School - 12.30-1.00pm (30mins) - Adult Improver Class